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Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma Cutting Machine

Where could we use it?
Our plasma cutting machine is suitable for cutting various different kinds of metal plates, for example steel plates, iron sheets, aluminum sheets, galvanized sheets, titanium plates, and more.

Why choose it?
1. Our adoption of Hypertherm USA plasma cutting system guarantees a high cutting precision and high speed.
2. Accurate cutting is also guaranteed by our special torch height control system. This system enables us to adjust the distance between plasma head and workpiece. Thus we can obtain the optimum distance in accordance with different demands.
3. Gantry structure and light beam design enables our plasma cutting machine to operate steadily, which further improves operation accuracy. And our adoption of linear guide rail and gear-wheel driver as well as double-motor driving for Y axis also guarantees a steady transmission and accurate cutting.
4. This plasma cutting machine is characterized by untouched plasma head, no cutting residue and smooth cutting, etc.
5. Water cooling system avoids the distortion of metal board.
6. High cutting speed and high cutting accuracy will greatly reduce your production cost.
7. Advanced numeral control system enables our cutting machine to operate stably.
8. Success ratio of arc striking can be over 99%.
9. Good software compatibility: it is compatible with Ucancam, Type 3, Artcum, etc.
10. Supported file format: AL, PLT, DXF.



Working area

Cutting width

1,200mm ~ 1600mm

adjustable as customers' requirements

Cutting length

1,200mm ~ 4000mm

Cutting thickness

0.1-30mm (depending on plasma power)

Severance cut capacity

depending on plasma power

Cutting speed

depending on the thickness of metal materials and plasma sources

Traveling speed


Input voltage

3PH 380V

Power source frequency

50Hz / 60Hz

Document transmission form

USB interface.

Working form

non-contact type arc starting

Optional Power Source

Hypertherm, Cut-Master

CNC control system

Micro EDGE from Hypertherm USA

Software compatibility

Ucancam, Type 3,Artcum,etc.

Support file forma


As an experienced plasma cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Jindiao can offer comprehensive range of laser engravers, laser cutting machines, CNC routers and laser marking machines, etc.
We apply strict quality control and precise testing to each of our engraving machine, cutting machine, from the acquisition of raw materials, through every manufacturing step, to the completed product. In addition, Jindiao has established long-term relationships with our raw material suppliers, which not only guarantees our raw material quality, but also reduces our production costs. As a result of our reasonable price and reliable quality, our engraving, marking and cutting machines are well accepted in Russia, America, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and Israel, among others.
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